Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mini Kitchen from re-purposed entertainment center

Fabulous Mini Kitchen: Part I

I am going to make this:

I found a mini-kitchen someone else did, and colored it in Photoshop to match my vision.
And I will post pictures as I go! I'm going to start it very soon (within the next month) so it's done by the time baby gets here.

I'm going to need:
  1. Entertainment center
  2. Pink and black paint
  3. 4 CD's (for the stove burners)
  4. Knobs/handles: 4 for stove, one for oven, one for cabinet, two for fridge/freezer
  5. Play microwave
  6. Stainless steel bowl
  7. Faucet
  8. Oven racks/tracks
  9. Stainless steel contact paper for fridge
  10. Plexiglass (or equivalent) for oven door
  11. Plexiglass for stovetop
  12. "Window" picture
  13. Curtain for window
  14. Utensil rack to hang on wall
  15. Hinges: I'll have to look at it again to see how many I'll need. At least 2 for the oven, as I know that cabinet door doesn't open the right way.
My MIL already has the entertainment center! She was so excited when I sent her a link with more kitchens like this; she's been trying to figure out a way to get rid of that thing forever. She also has all the tools in her magnificent garage!

I'm planning on hitting up hardware stores for their "damaged/mismatched" bins to see what all I can get for free!! I'm guessing knobs, handles, and perhaps a faucet. 

Check back soon for the next chapters! Help keep me on track!

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