Thursday, February 7, 2013

Block Party! Baby's 1st Birthday Party

Maya and her cousin are a month apart, so for their first birthday, my sister and I threw a joint party! It was alphabet-block themed, so we called it a block party! It was back in May 2012, but I just found the pictures I took! They were hiding on my videocamera.

Block-shaped foods and cakes

I printed out cute alphabet-block lables for the food (with allergy info when needed)

Papier mache block pinata I made out of cereal boxes!
Apparently no one told my husband the pinata was for the kids...

Blocks hung from the ceiling (and balloons of course... I coudn't find any block-shaped balloons, but it's just not a party without them!)

Toss foam blocks through square holes in a sheet for a cheap but fun game! 
Alphabet block pads for the play area on the floor (borrowed from a preschool)


The baker did a great job on the smash cakes

Success! Cake-covered, happy babies at the end of the day.
And here's my invitations:

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  1. It seems like both the kiddos and the adults enjoyed your “Block Party.” Haha. Anyway, job well done on planning and making this party happen! I think you choose a very apt theme for the celebration. And the invites look cool too! Oops! Must make one for my little man too! Thanks for sharing!