Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How to Start Loving Doctor Who (for newbies)

 If you've ever wanted to get into Doctor Who, but are intimidated by its 50 years of history, read and go do the following.
Time And Relative Dimesion In Space. TARDIS.

Read: The Doctor is a time/space-traveller who doesn't use his birth name (which the audience doesn't know), but just goes by the Doctor. He doesn't really die, he gets replaced by a different version of himself (called regenerating). His time machine/space ship is called the TARDIS and it's that blue phone booth looking thing you might've seen (it's bigger on the inside... like... mansion huge). He goes from place to place, fixing things and saving people/aliens and making everyone love him.

Netflix cover art
to look for

Now: Go on Netflix. Find the Doctor Who (cover art is the Tardis with no people) that says it started in 2005. 
  • First, watch the episode called The Eleventh Hour (season 5), 
  • then the episode from Season 3 called Blink
  • then go back to the beginning (2005) and watch IN ORDER. 
You'll suffer emotionally, but you'll be happy about it. 

These are the men who play the Doctor in the current seasons. This picture
has them out of order but they're doctor #s 10, 11, and 9.

*The reason I say start with that one then go back, is the production value greatly increased between seasons 4 & 5, so see the 'Eleventh Hour' and know how much better and less cheesy it gets. The first season especially is SUUUPER cheesy... like... green-goo-and-ramen-thrown-against-a-wall-when-an-alien-explodes cheesy. Then 'Blink' sort of explains how the show works (and it's friggin terrifying and awesome).

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  1. Yes... as a fellow Whovian - I agree!