Monday, November 26, 2012

Accept it!

I was driving home from ... somewhere... can't remember right now. But anyway, I was driving home with my 18mo old daughter in her carseat behind me. She was extremely tired because it was about an hour past her naptime, but she just would not close her eyes! She rubbed them furiously, whined at me, asked for every toy she could think of, anything to try and distract her from accepting the fact that she needed to nap. All I could tell her was, "Just accept it little one, you're tired and you need sleep. There is nothing I can do or give you that will make you feel better. Ya gotta do this one on your own." 

Then it occurred to me: I should tell myself the same thing in quite a few instances in my life! Parenting would be a lot more rewarding if I stressed out less about things that -ultimately- don't matter! 

  • I got peed on? I can shower and clothes can be washed. 
  • She dumped her toy bin all over the floor for the 37th time? They'll just have to be picked up. 
  • She's asking [nicely] for more food when I just put it all away? [As long as it's healthy food] I shouldn't refuse to get it back out just because I'm being lazy.
But the important parts: she's potty-training, she's having fun using her toys, she's developing manners and a healthy palate etc. are the parts that I need to focus on instead.
Standing on a trash can covered in toothpaste and stickers?
No problem, they're learning how their world works!
(not my kids, used with permission)
So many times I've been out in public, hearing a mom or dad yelling at their kids to quiet down, don't touch that, come back here, don't jump in mud puddles, etc... But...why? If they're not bothering/hurting/stealing from strangers, everything they do is a learning experience. 
Accept that they're full of curiosities, and they need to learn eventually.  They'll learn that your warnings have weight, and if they don't listen, there are unpleasant consequences, but in the mean time: don't stress out about it! Acceptance is key. "This is happening, and I should make the most of it." So grab a camera, hold on to your sense of humor, and post that stuff to YouTube!

for some laughs, check out: (not my site, sorry for the language)

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