Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nerd Christmas Gifts - Logo Etched Beer Steins

My husband and his friends are geeks. Comic books and Doctor Who are their favorites. So for Christmas, I'm making them some personalized beer steins with their favorite symbol of geekdom.

I'll be posting a pictorial (picture tutorial) of how I made the Batman one for my husband, since the guys sometimes see my blog and I don't want to reveal theirs.

Materials needed:
  • Beer Stein ($1 at the Dollar Store!! Made in US even!)
  • Clear packaging tape
  • Paper stencil (printed on normal paper)
  • Armour Etch paste
  • Xacto knife
  • Qtips

  1. Remove sticker
  2. Place tape on glass
    Make sure you fold both ends on itself, so it's easier to remove at the end.
  3. Tape on printed stencil
  4. Carve/trace design with Xacto knife
    Start from the inside out, that way you don't have to re-tape the stencil on once you've cut it out accidentally. Not that I did that or anything...
  5. Remove paper stencil and its tape
    Leaving the image traced into the tape below
  6. Peel off the "black" part of the taped area
    This is a really tedious part. But be meticulous about points and mistakes because it will etch exactly where the edge of the tape is. Re-tape and re-trace bits if you mess up and cut too much.
  7. Sludge on the Armour Etch paste
    Oooh yeah, smear it on there nice and thick-like.
  8. Wait 30 min (instructions say 5-10 but I like to wait longer just to make sure it's developed as much as possible)
  9. Rinse off using cold water and a crummy cloth
  10. Take the tape off if you're happy wth the etching coverage. If not, do another coat of A.E.
  11. Admire your handiwork.

  12. Fill with beer.

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