Saturday, August 24, 2013

Loose Tank Top for Big Boobs - Tent into Fit!

I have large boobies. I have a comparatively small waist. Those flowy racerback tank tops are super cute on the A-cup size 0 mannequin but when put on my busty bosoms the tank looks more like a tent. I have a sewing machine. I'm not great at it,  but

I'll share with you what I did to turn this: 

Baggy, oddly-shaped hips, rides up in the front
Into this: 
Fitted but comfy, flattering, professional-looking!

And you can obviously make it looser/tighter according to your preference. So here goes...
 The shirt. I don't know any woman who wants to be shaped like this...

Plan our your cut lines. Pin on the lines - widest point is the bust. leave the armpit seams alone. Take it in at the ribs, and back out for the hips. Make sure you go straight down as opposed to flare out at the bottom. 

Put it on inside out and pin where you want the seams to be:

EITHER WAY you'll end up with this: 
TARDIS pincushion I made :-D
 Choose your stitch setting. This is where I always mess up, so I keep scraps around me to try out new settings. So For the straight stich I'm going to use, I put my machine on #3, 0 width, 3 length, and 2.5 tension.

 Sew about 1/2 inch from your pins (on the outside closest to what you're gonna cut off), for mess-up space.

First set of stitching. Do this on both sides, then try on! If it's too loose, just stitch again a little further in.

Me testing out my stitch settings for the hemming part... I settled on #15 (reference picture above)

You'll now cut off the excess, and hem it so it doesn't snag or separate!

Not pretty, but it's gonna look fine from the outside!

See? Looks good huh?!

This is what it looks like when you stretch it. 

Side hem when turned right-side-out!

And again, the finished product! 


  1. This is really cool and informative and everything but... DAT TARDIS PIN CUSHION!

  2. It looked nicer before. Now you just look (I'm so sorry for my brutal honesty) fat, which I'm sure you aren't as you don't appear to be in the first picture. If I were you I'd have taken it in slightly at the ribs, then let it flow out at the stomach.

    1. I tend to disagree. I think the tent look in the before pictures caused by the materials not being nipped in under the bust is pretty unflattering. :( Yes, you can see a little tummy pooch. Is it unflattering? Nah. The only thing that really bothered me (and it's so insignificant) is that the stripes don't match up.

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