Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mommy projects - the good, the bad, the boring

I fell in love with Pinterest for a little while. I'll admit, I did the stereotypical "Oh, yeah lemme pin that, I'll totally do that project this weekend!" for a few too many things. But some stuff I actually accomplished! One that I'm extreeeemely proud of, and a few others that are just 'eh'.

Share in my joy:

Gluten-free almond bread with chocolate chips. The chocolate chips all mushed into a gaping hole in the bottom (as you can see in the picture) which was the BEST part of each slice. But it would've been nice if there was chocolate in every bite. 

Browsing Pinterest took me over to thebeautydepartment and inspired me to make my nails pretty. This turned out well, looked cute, but took me friggin 2 hours. I'm just not meant for self-mani's I guess. 

I successfully convinced my sister to dress up as Miss Piggy for halloween at work! Not an idea from Pinterest, I'm just really proud of my creation... 

One of the more boring Pinterest ideas... Smelled like coffee for maybe a minute. Tops. 

This one actually came from a dream! I dreamt about cake doughnuts. Isn't that ridiculous? The whole recipe and everything came to me. Woke up, HAD to make them. They were delicious... except for the few over-fried ones. Hmm.. I should do this again.

This is my daughter and my nephew. Born a month apart, and brilliant me decided to volunteer to watch them both at the same time. Blame it on post-partum, or sleep deprivation, or my baby breastfeeding away my brain... but whatever the case, this was one of my more brilliant ideas from that time (there weren't many, I assure you).
I was SICK of being in the house, so I went into the backyard, put them on a blanket, shielded them from the sun with my gorgeous fort you see there, and voila! we all had a nice nap with a side of Vitamin D.

And now, for the grand finale... my most shining DIY project...

drum roll please...

dum dum dum dum dum dum...

Bookshelves made from pallets! 

One [free] pallet, a lot of sanding, nails (not screws!!), elbow grease, and wood stain later and I have never been more proud of something I made. Other than my daughter, but I don't think I can take full credit for her.

Here they are populated with books and mounted (quite securely) to the wall.

You can tell the top one (in both pics) was the first -more experimental- one. I cut the beam in half because of a knot that made it lay unevenly... but my flipping it over did absolutely no good whatsoever. Oh well.

What are some of your DIY projects gone wrong or right? Leave your tale(s) in the comments!

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