Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween! We Scare Because We Care.

We're Monsters, Incorporated!

Our costumes - 
Sully - Husband
Celia - me (wife)
Boo - 2 1/2 yr old Maya
Mike Wazowski - 8mo old Amelia

The Sully costume and Celia's purple bodysuit ordered from Amazon
I sewed the girls' costumes and my (Celia) green dress.  I also cut and velcro'ed the Mike Wazowski costume to fit around the baby carrier!

Mike Wazowski costume made with lime green felt, cut into a circle with gaps in the stitching for arms, head, and legs. Face sewn on with felt as well. Matching hat! Horns made of felt, stuffed, and sewn into slits on the top. Lime green tights and longsleeve shirt to complete it!

Boo Costume made with shiny satin and a blanket inside for batting/warmth. The hood has boning in the edge to keep it stiff, ropes made with mop rope from craft store. Eyes styrofoam balls on pipe cleaners. Elastic bands with velcro to keep hood on. Sparkley grey tights and shoes complete it!

DIY Halloween Monsters Inc costumes - Sully, Mike, Boo, and Celia.

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