Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Married People! Answer my questions!

Please leave your answers in the comments! I'll be writing an entry of all my findings on Sept 15th so check back!


  1. 1. 14 Years
    2. yes
    3. 6 months
    4. yes, my parents.
    a. They felt prayed on it and felt like God was telling them Ray was the man I should marry. As far as their personal feelings, I'm not sure.
    5. The first 4 years. We spent a lot of time apart and missed a lot of opportunities to get to know each other better.
    6. 1) Him coming home after his last deployment.
    2) Watching him hold our newborn son.
    3) Having the opportunity to be stationed in Virginia and realizing this is where we're supposed to be.
    7. Our future, home, jobs, retirement.
    8. Pick your battles, it's not that big of a deal.
    9. Waiting a bit longer to get married.
    10. Communication is the most important thing. You HAVE to be willing to discuss things even if it makes you uncomfortable. Also, stop being so selfish. People tend to worry so much about what they want they forget there's more than one person their bad habits (shopping too much etc) affect.

  2. 1. 7 years
    3. 3 years
    4. yes. Happy we were finally doing it.
    5 Our 5th and 6th years were hard. dealing with my ex and my daughter.
    6. Getting married, finding a real house and Maxxo coming.
    7. House cleaning. We still have it
    8. We will make it through this
    9. more communication in the beginning would have been good.
    10.Marriage counseling. COMMUNICATE!!! Give each other a break. It does take a while to get used to each others strengths and weaknesses.
    11 When we moved from home to the army base.
    12. His cheating and his mother
    13. the 3rd time I caught him cheating.
    14. No
    15. 3 years. 2 years
    16 We do not speak.
    17. I wouldn't have gotten married for the reasons I did.

  3. 1. 9 1/2yrs
    2. Yes
    3. 6wks known each other for 6yrs
    4. No, they were all happy for us
    5. Controlling in-laws wanting us to do things their way
    6. First child, First anniversary, Second child.
    7. Money, he likes to spend it all
    8. Never go to bed mad, tomorrow is a new day.
    9. Waiting to have kids so we had more time for just us, and communicating things that really bothered me
    10.Communication!!! Dont let it go because it doesnt just go away, it get worse and harder to fix.

  4. Laura Carter
    1. 33.119 years
    2. Yes and only one!
    3. 16 months dating 10 months engaged
    4. Parents, marriage counseling by my pastor
    5. Kitchen & housework. Finances. Son’s rebellion at 18. He heart is in a dark place right now.
    6. Loving & learning about Jesus together. Daily moments together. Vacations together.
    7. Housekeeping, Finances, home, family, future.
    8. Sorry won’t do that again. Love you. You are the best. You’re my best friend. Glad I married you. Hubbers. Babbers. Glad God brought us together!
    9. Shortened the engagement time. Removed the lazy buttness! Get off your butt & help each other.
    10. Wives DO NOT NAG. Do the job yourself. Help with yard chores. It is your yard too. Do not talk about him unkindly to others. Do not put him down to others. He gets enough of that from everyone else! Build him up, encourage him.
    Husbands help with the housework. You live there too! Do not put your wife down in front of others. Encourage & build her up.
    Both of you, in daily talking those who love each other are not usually trying to hurt each other. Take the words or actions from a positive point of view. The other person probably doesn’t even know they have hurt you. Your habits, family training & backgrounds are different. You both have bad habits that need to change…change yourself. Ask God to remind you what attracted you & why you married that person in the first place. He Will! Ask God to not let any bitterness grow up in your heart against each other. DO NOT TAKE OFFENCE!
    Turn off the TV, gaming machine, computer, hobby…Listen to each other… Go on a picnic & talk. Discuss everything, buy things together, don’t hide things (except gifts that you will spring on each other later). Take date nights away from the kids, away from your daily world.
    Words spoken to Tom at our wedding, “ Where you go I will go. Where you live I will live. Your people will be my people. Your God will be my God. Where you die I will die. Lord if I don’t more will happen to me.” From the book of Ruth 1:16 &17
    33 years ago God put us together & I married my best friend. I made a promise to Tom & to God that can only be broken by death (and Murder is unacceptable. Hehe).