Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Curvy Petite Fashion Struggles

Being 5'4" makes me right between "petite" and "misses" sizing, but I tend to like the style of the "juniors" section better. So my style often is a mix of all three. And since I'm a size 12 roughly, I'm right inbetween regular and plus sizing. Plus doesn't hardly ever fit, and regular is usually too small for my boobs. I've learned this is called being an "Inbetweenie".  And since I know how to sew, I very often buy things big and hem/taper them.
  • I'm 5'4" and about 170lbs. I'm a size 12 in pants, a M-L-XL in tops depending on so many factors (namely, imaginary Female Sizing Charts), and a 34DDD/34F in bras.
  •  My measurements around are 38"/32"/42" so my butt is 4" larger than my bust, and 10" larger than my waist. Work it.
  • Proportionally speaking, I have a short torso and long legs for my frame. There's only 8" between the bottom of my bra and my belly button. I have a 30" inseam.
  • Most frequently, I shop at Value Village. I can't be spending $50 retail on a shirt I'm going to have to alter anyway - and there are literally thousands of tons of perfectly wearable clothes put in landfills every day, and cheap new ones fabricated in sweat shops. Doin my part.

Here's a few of my WAYWT (what are you wearing today) shots, and some bonus Petite Curvy models who have helped me figure out how to fit myself.

Here I am. Take it aaaallll in.

Walking around San Francisco. Those flats are charcoal and sparkley! Those sleeves are too long. Gotta hem them.
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I need to clean my shoes. But those shorts I hemmed and that shirt I widened the collar (can't stand crew-necks, they choke me and I'd be tugging at it all day like a nervous man with a tie).

I did this to show that larger people can put on the *exact* same outfit as a thin person and still not be immediately perceived as chic,  simply because it's so much harder to look "put together" when you're larger. I still look bangin though.


apologies for my nasty ass mirror. Gross.

Yoga pants!!

Obviously I'm a big fan of the nerd-shirt-under-blazer-with-jeans look.

Trying out my Power Look. Fierce.

 Bonus- some Petite Curvy role models:
Mimi G. I need to make this shirt.

Hilary Duff looking thick and fabulous!! Love that she flaunts those thighs.

She is so great. I just love her style.

See? Even Kelly Clarkson likes the nerd-shirt-under-blazer business. It's offically the best.

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